Build Your Personal Brand Workshop

Build Your Personal Brand Workshop

Everyone has a personal brand. And it’s not just a logo or business card. Your brand is the vehicle that shapes your reputation and your promise to others. A clear and consistent brand will help you propel your career, make lasting connections and achieve your professional goals. Take control of your personal brand in a 3-hour workshop that I will hold in LA’s newest tech studio and entrepreneur workspace, rhubarb studios.

In this hands-on workshop, I will help you tap into your true voice and build your personal brand. You’ll develop your mission statement, brand map, specific language, and even get your personal headshot taken.

We will focus on two questions as we’re developing your brand: How do you want to feel? And how do you want your audience to feel?

“I had so much fun leading the Build Your Personal Brand workshop at rhubarb studios in downtown Los Angeles yesterday. Thanks to rhubarb studios for having me and to Digital V8 for their amazing headshots!

If you know any entrepreneurs and business professionals who are interested in this hands-on branding experience, send them my way. We will offer this workshop on a regular basis.”

Nina Grenningloh Reyes, Communications Rebel

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