Nalu Kai Product Shoot

In the Hawaiian language those words describe a wise old voyager who has weathered the storms of life. Our site is dedicated to the great whales and the oceans they inhabit. To a couple of lifelong beach-bums nothing is more Nalu Kai than the whales and dolphins we’ve spent our lives sharing the ocean with.

In creating our Spirit of the Whale jewelry line we follow the migration of the California Gray Whale and select the finest beads of British Columbian jade, combine them with Spiny Oyster shell beads in both orange and purple from the waters of Baja, and add in black lava beads and Hawaiian puka shells to represent our amazing experiences with the acrobatic Humpbacks that winter in the waters off Moloka’i.

Need a lifestyle photographer, that special event photo shoot or your product photographed? We’ve got you covered.

High quality photography is the cornerstone of any print or digital campaign. Consider tailored photography a investment, one that will be used by you and any dealers or distributors that you have for years to come. Nothing says more about a product than a great photo that can speak for itself.

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